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English and German into French

Translation, transcreation and proofreading services

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I offer translation and transcreation for following language combination:
English -> French
German -> French
and proofreading services for French contents.

Rates for translation:
They are calculated either per project, per standard line (55 characters) or word counts in the target language.

Rates for transcreation:
They are calculated either per project or for short documents per hour.

Rates for proofreading:
They are calculated on an hour basis.

Both the rates for translation and transcreation are calculated based on volume, specialization and complexity of the document you wish to translate.

As each text and each project are unique, I’d be happy to make you a non-binding quote.

And of course, every document you send to me is treated as confidential.

Tell me more about translation…

Today, more and more people are familiar with the concept of translation. Translating is transmitting the message of a text from a source language into a target language. It is always more than just a transcription in another language. When working on your text, I don’t just replace one word with another, but recreate the message for another culture while keeping the intention and meaning of the original message.

What is “transcreation”?

Transcreation is mostly used in translating marketing projects that target another culture.
In marketing, you aim to create emotional responses to your message. If the translator only transfers words from a language to the other, these emotions can totally get lost as the cultural response might be different. In transcreation, you don’t necessarily use similar words, but you aim for similar response. You create a new content for the foreign audience.

Here are a few other domains where transcreation can really make a difference:
Songs, musicals, comics, books, video games, movies … and most creative industries.

Transcreation is a very creative process that requires great artistic competences. I love translating eye-catching headlines, puns or rhymes. I would be more than happy to help you with your project!