Anne-Sophie Seidler

French first name, German last name,

3 years in Colorado…

These three details tell you more about me than a long biography!

I’m living my everyday life within these three cultures (I spent 20 years in France, 22 years in Germany and 3 years in the US) and I’m cherry-picking the best qualities from them on my way (such as French humor and nonchalance, German work ethic and reliability, and American sociability and customer-friendly attitude). I love it!

Thanks to familiarity and affinity with those three cultures, my translations have been praised as natural and culture-appropriate, so you can expect to always get a top-notch product when we work together.

My motto?

The best translation is the one you don’t notice

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My Career

  • Two years of Translation Studies at the Sorbonne in Paris (DEUG of Langues Étrangères Appliquées) 1995-1997,
  • Five years of Translation studies and Diploma in Germany at the University of Mayence in Germersheim (Diplom-Übersetzerin) in 2002.
  • Self-employed translator since 2002,
  • Lecturer at the Institute for Translation and Interpretation of the University of Heidelberg (GER) 2007-2010,
  • French teacher for adults and children in Life-Long-Learning Classes in Heidelberg and Lindau (GER) 2005-2016,
  • Trilingual museum guide in Bregenz, Austria 2012-2017,
  • Relocation to the United States in Louisville, Colorado 2017-2020
  • June 2020: Return to Lindau, Germany

My Goal

The transmission of language and culture was always the common thread throughout my different career choices and in my life. Translating, discovering new cultures and building bridges between people for a better understanding is my primary goal.

Do you need to translate a handbook for a computer program or a sewing machine? Please ask my colleagues! I love words and I love choosing the right ones. That’s why I enjoy translating texts that are designed to improve sales (marketing translation) or please the reader (transcreation), rather than translating technical manuals.

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